Saturday, February 28, 2009

Joint Venture Brokers Wanted

A joint venture broker is a person who finds compatible businesses and brings them together through a joint venture for mutual benefit.

For an example, if you're a joint venture broker for Apple computers, you'd find compatible companies like Leather-casing manufacturers or Sound System Companies and broker a joint venture deal between Apple and these companies. These are called complementary companies.

For every deal you broker, you would get a percentage of all transactions within the deal.

As a Joint Venture Broker, you'll be in charge of striking deals, for 1 of the businesses in the Alexchious Group, with complementary companies and creating partnerships so that a Partner Endorsement System can be put into place.

Your payment would be 7% of all transactions of deals brokered.

Basically means if a transaction of $5000 is transacted between the partnership, you'll accrue a brokering commission of $2600. As long as there are transactions within the partnership, you'll continue earning that 7%, indefinitely.

That's just for 1 deal. You will be involved in more than 1 deal, for sure.

Ability to speak confidently and negotiation skills perferable. No educational qualifications necessary. Ex-convicts welcome.

Details and training will be provided upon application.

To apply, send an email to jobs(at)


Language Spoken:
Cell Phone number:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blogshop hunting!

We need you to acquire

1) Singapore Blogshop Addresses (URL)
2) Singapore Blogshop contact emails

Payment scheme

Every 10 PAIRS would earn you $1 basic salary.

You can source for as many blog shops as you want. It's your call.

The more blog shops you acquire, the more money you make.

Interested employees, please contact admin at
with your
  1. Name
  2. NRIC
  3. Cellphone Number
  4. Email address

Job status: Closed and Unavailable

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Realty Engine listings data entry job crash course [COMPLETED]

We need you to key in
1) Name
2) Contact Number
3) Email address (if any)

of real estate agents which you can find in the Classifieds in the Straits Times.


We're offering $1 for every 20 agents that you key into the excel sheet.

So the payment goes this way.

You submit 1500 agents' names, contact number and email.

We're paying $1 for every 20 agents.

So for 1500 agents you would receive $75.

However, upon receipt of the contact details, we will only make payment of $37.50 (Half of the agents)

For every 20 contact numbers that is deemed authentic, we will calculate the total amount that you would receive.

If all 1500 contact numbers are authentic agents, then we will make the 2nd payment of $37.50



After negotiations on our part, for every agent that agrees to do business with us, we will make a payment of $20 for every agent that is approved for doing business with us.

For example..

Person A submits 5 agents

1) WEE
2) WAA
3) WOO
4) WII
5) WUU

During negotiations between our company and these 5 agents, let's say 3 agents agree to do business with us.

Person A would therefore earn a commission of $60 dollars. (Because 3 x $20 = $60)

So if Person A submits 1500 agents and (due to bad luck) only 500 agree to do business with us,

Person A would earn a commission of 500 x $20 = $10,000


* If however, we deem that more than 5% of submitted agents'contact details are falsified or duplicated, data entry staff would be scrapped off the PROFIT SHARING COMMISSION POLICY. We pay big money. We expect big integrity in return.

Terms and Conditions

The information stated above is correct at time of creation.
We reserve the right to amend the commission payout amounts as and when we deem fit without the consent of employees.
We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notification of employees.
We reserve the right to boot employees off the PROFIT SHARING COMMISSION POLICY without providing a reason.

Thank you and have a nice day typing.